Smoke Hollow 24“ Pellet Grill Review

Smoke Hollow 24“ pellet grill is a heavy duty piece of equipment everyone who loves smoking or grilling has to have. It is a must have add-on to your backyard because you can grill or smoke enormous amount of food in it. You can prepare your meal the way you feel it that day, you don’t have to have another smoker or grill next to it and that is the thing I like so much. It is everything you need – in one product. The best thing about this model is the price. It is cheaper than other models on the market, but sometimes it is even better than them.


Smoke Hollow 24“ pellet grill is constructed from steel in a black and bronze finish. The entire construction is incredibly sturdy and the smoker isn’t lightweight at all., it has 120lb. You don’t have to worry about that because the pellet grill has wheels for easier transportation. It has two sets of wheels, smaller and bigger ones. It is a big grill with enough space to fit tools for grilling and a bag of pellets which is great. Just imagine how annoying it would be if you don’t have the space to put down tools or the bowl. It is extremely easy to start the pellet grill. All you need to do is start auger-fed hardwood pellet delivery with the push of the button. Temperature control is managed with the LED thermostat and controller. When you look at it you can see that the grilling place is in the midlle and on the right side is a rectangular storage for pellets. That storage has a Smoke Hollow logo, LED display for temperature and other controls.

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Inside of the Smoke Hollow 24“ pellet grill Smoke Hollow 24“ pellet grill is 440 square inches of cooking space on one large porcelain coated grid. Someone somewhere mentioned you can grill 27 burgers at once and I think that is pretty impressive. In that area you can cook whatever you like from brisket, whole turkey to ribs and seafood. It is easy to maintain desired temperature because this pellet grill has internal temperatue gauge for the best temperature control. The dimensions are 50“W x 23.5“D x 51“H so it isn’t a pocket edition, but that is expected from this kind of smoker.

When you are done with grilling or smoking it is time for cleaning. Good thing that this smoker/grill has an easy-drain grease system. That system shortens the cleaning process meaningfully and you won’t have to clean it for hours.

I think it is fore more experienced cooks because you can do so many on it. There is a possibility that a newbie won’t use all potentials of this awesome smoker/grill. I must say I don’t have experience when it comes to pellet grills but, as I can see around me, people are more than satisfied with every pellet grill. So, if you are looking for a change or a product with more than one function, I would definitely recomment Smoke Hollow 24“ pellet grill.

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