Smoke Hollow electric and gas smokers are actually a part of the Outdoor Leisure Products, Inc. Outdoor Leisure Products, Inc is well respected and worldwide company every smoker guy knows about. It is located in Missouri and this whole company is dedicated to manufacturing great quality products for the affordable price. I must say they do have an impressive price – quality ratio when it comes to gas and electric smokers. I love their products and the entire company’s policy because they pay attention to their customers and details on the products. For example, one electric smoker didn’t have a window on the door and the next model they made was identical to that model, but with a window on the door. So, you can say that people here listen to their customers. Now, enough about the company, let’s focus on the products.

This website is dedicated to Smoke Hollow products, to be more exact, smokers. The website has a Smoke Hollow electric smoker review, Smoke Hollow Gas smoker review, Smoke Hollow combo smoker review, actually any review you can imagine and it is related to Smoke Hollow smoker models. Why I did that? Because there are tons of people who are looking for the best smoker and don’t know where to start. My recommendation is to start with one brand. Choose one brand (I have chosen Smoke Hollow) and look your perfect smoker in that brand because, otherwise, your search could take ages. There are just too many brands and too many smokers and you have to make a decision. With this decision, you will remove a huge number of models from the list and you will find your best smoker in no time.

I have another question for you. Do you know how to choose the best smoker for you? Why I made so many Smoke Hollow reviews? Because in those reviews I am telling you what is OK, what is not and how to pick the smoker which suits your needs.

As an introduction to the story, I will show you what you need to keep and eye to when choosing the best smoker.

Fuel type

First, pick one type of smoker. You can pick from the traditional smoker, electric smoker and gas smoker. Traditional smoker has fire and charcoal as main fuel, electric smoker uses electric energy and gas smoker uses petrol. Every type has its ups and downs. Traditional smoker gives that perfect taste due to a combination of wood and charcoal (and fire) but it is dirty and slow. You have to work with charcoal and you will get your hands dirty all the time. The electric smoker is cleaner (no charcoal), but you have to have electric energy. It is perfect for an indoor smoker and it is ok for an outdoor smoker on the patio, but nothing else. Gas smoker, on the other hand, mustn’t be inside, after all, it is fueled by gas. The good thing is the fact that can be portable (you can bring it to fishing, camping…) but, you have to be sure you have enough gas for it. Like you see every smoker has its charms and it is up to you to see which one is for you. My personal favorite is an electric smoker and I would always go with that.


Now that you picked the type, let’s talk about construction. It has to be made from durable and stable construction, preferably steel. Look at the joints on the smoker, they have to be welded so the smoker can’t escape from anywhere. If you want a portable smoker, pick the smallest size because it is the lightest and it can fit in your truck. If you want to smoke meat for your family and friends, pick the bigger model. But, if you are a newbie, start with a smaller model and work your way up to the bigger one. Make sure it is sturdy and that you can’t tip it over that easily.


Every smoker comes with features. The most important feature is definitely a temperature gauge. It shows you the temperature in the smoker so you know on which heat the meat smokes. Vegetables, fish or chicken doesn’t smoke on the same temperature as beef, ribs or steaks. Also, look at the door on the smoker If you are a newbie I recommend to get the smoker with a window on the door so you can see the meat through the process. If you don’t have the window you will have to open the door and the heat will escape through the door. You don’t want that. Smoke Hollow models have another feature and that is specially designed handle so you can open the door without burning yourself. It looks like a wire around the handle but it is quite useful. Also, make sure the doors can stay shut. Heat usually goes out through the door so keep in mind that the door should have some kind of locking mechanism.

Smoke Hollow 30162e electric smoker review

This is my personal best Smoke Hollow electric smoker. This smoker is the perfect smoker for your patio and you don’t have to worry about leaving it out, it is made for that. It is made from steel with magnetic door latching system so there is no heat loss between the cabinet and the door. It is a small smoker, which is great for newbies and it is light so you can move it around. It actually has two handles for easier transport from one place to another. The temperature control is awesome and it uses 1500 Watt energy efficient heating system. That allows you to smoke everything from vegetables to juicy steaks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a window on the door, but with this temperature control, you actually don’t need it. All you need is to get to know it.

Smoke Hollow 30“ electric smoker – 30162EW

With this smoker, you will see one thing I have mentioned in the introduction. It is pretty similar to the above smoker, Smoke Hollow 30162e, but not identical. First, let’s talk about one important feature that they both have and that is 1500 Watt heating system. It keeps your meat smoked just the way you like it. Inside of the smoker is three chrome plated grids for the food. Now, let’s talk about that interesting feature I mentioned. This model has a window on the door. Customers commented they would love to have a window on the door and people from Smoke Hollow granted their wish. The window is made from tempered glass and it can handle high temperatures.

Smoke Hollow 26142e

Another smaller model from Smoke Hollow has caught my eye to make this short Smoke Hollow electric smoker review. This smoker has awesome temperature control and it is a piece of cake to smoke in it everything, vegetables, seafood, ribs, sausages… you name it. It also doesn’t have a window so you will have to get used to it, but that means less heat loss through the tempered glass (that is the material used in making windows for smokers, it is more durable) The handle of this smoker has that special Cool touch design I have mentioned before. The handle has a wire around it and when you touch the wire you won’t burn your hand. Inside of the smoker are two chrome plated grids which you can place on different heights and that is pretty cool.